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Services Offered

We offer a full range of counseling and psychotherapy services, covering the wide range of diagnostic problems including, but not limited to anxiety, depression, worry, stress, couples, marital and family relationship difficulty, domestic violence, child and adolescent counseling, and work related concerns and stress.

“Psychotherapy Associates also works regularly with a child and adolescent psychiatrist who is available for referrals from our staff members."


Individual therapy helps identify challenges while developing effective coping strategies to manage emotions and work through individual problems, while having the experience of working one on one with a therapist.

Individual therapy at Psychotherapy Associates provides a safe place for individuals with a safe place to share private thoughts, fears, and concerns to a non-judgmental trained psychotherapist who is available to help individuals sort out perplexing situations that are causing discomfort for the individual.


Couples therapy is offered to two individuals are involved in a romantic relationship that they have declared is important to them both, however, the couple believes they are unable to negotiate the differences in their points of view with regards to essential elements in their relationship. The overall goal of couple's therapy is to assist couples in developing healthy strategies in order for the couple to establish growth and satisfaction in ones self and in each other.

Psychotherapy Associates assists heterosexual and same-sex couples who are dating, married, or co-habitating. We provide a neutral environment for the couple to help deal with emotions in order to establish understanding and acceptance. Couples are guided to differentiate and develop their own sense of self in order to grow together as a couple. It is important for the couple to develop insight and awareness in order to obtain tools in building respectful relationships, effective communication skills and intimacy, improving the couple’s relationship

Family Therapy

Family therapy is an opportunity to bring the family together to discuss issues in a safe environment. Family therapy at Psychotherapy Associates includes recognizing the impact of the role that each member plays in contributing to the overall family dynamic. We encourage family members to share and express their feelings in a safe and open environment to establish goals for treatment. Patterns and belief systems in the family unit are examined to develop insight into the origin of the problem and to explore alternate ways of coping so each member feels heard and understood.

Family therapy can facilitate the process of resolving family conflicts, building family cooperation and respect, clarifying family rules, establishing clear boundaries and reducing negative symptoms. Each member of the family is then encouraged to utilize the insight and tools developed in therapy within their everyday familial interactions to home.

Children and Adolescent Therapy

Psychotherapy Associates believes that distress in children and adolescents often manifests through symptoms of anger, sadness, and anxiety and issues of poor performance in school, rebellion, attention problems, and low self-esteem or family adjustment issues such as parental separation or divorce. We provide therapy to assist children and adolescence in accessing and expressing their thoughts and feelings in order to reduce psychological symptoms. Various stages of childhood and adolescents can be challenging. We provide a confidential, supportive, and safe environment in which children and adolescents can explore a wide range of issues and struggles.

Parenting and Co-Parenting

Parenting therapy provides parents of children of all ages with effective parenting techniques in order to improve relationships between parent and child. Often times parents will try various communication techniques and parenting styles, yet discover that their parenting style is simply not working. Parenting skills training allows parents to develop effective communication skills, limit setting and other techniques in order to manage behavioral problems and relational conflicts while maintaining the focus on the importance of instilling emotional well-being in their children.

Psychotherapy Associates also emphasizes to all its parenting clients that raising emotionally healthy children is possible even when parents live in separate households.


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